Cloud Memory as a Promotional-Tool to increase customer Loyalty - Cloud Memory as a Promotional-Tool to increase customer Loyalty

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The USB stick has become digital. Climb the next stage in the cloud marketing and supply your customers at any time with the latest and most current information about your products and services and stay with him in constant dialogue.

InBox storage cloud as a successor to the USB stick - the latest cloud Marketing Trend

  • 5 GB of secure online storage as "USB cloud".
  • Running time: 3, 6 or 12 months
  • Access via web login (link) or app (smartphone and tablet) - download in the AppStore or PlayStore.
  • A solid, not erasable, InBox folder for centralized advertising content. This can be filled with any number of times your advertising and product documents (PDF, JPG, DOCX, XLSX, AVI, MPG4, etc.).
  • The customer can create a private folder structure and share its content with friends and acquaintances via upload link.

What is the advantage over ordinary cloud storage services?

You have your place at the customer "reserved". The customer can not delete your folders and maintained with the latest information and news about your products up to date.

For the customer, there is the advantage that it shares its files or folders by uploading-Key. These files / folders then land at its contact in the "Inbox". Plus point in terms of data security: his private folder remain visible only for himself.

View in the "InBox cloud storage" app:

View in the "InBox cloud storage" app